All new and Ready to ship, the X3 and X4 contour deck models are off the chart! Hand made in the USA by the best shapers on earth. .

The X3 and X4 take the place of the popular Dynasty 3 and 4. For 2013 Custom X will be introducing new models and will  have a new numbering system on all boards. The X3 and X4 are a pre-release of this numbering system.

Written by Custom X Bodyboards — July 25, 2012

The new Xi now available online

New Fin Colors

  Black/Purple and Black/Orange have now been added to the line up of fins.

A new board of the month !!!

ABOUT THE BOARD The Board of the month is a  creation from top shaper PMA. They are stepping stones to potential boards that will be added to our line.  You...