Board of the Month

The Board of the month is a creation from top shaper PMA. They are stepping stones to potential boards that will be added to our line.  You will be the first to get these boards.   They will be cheaper then when we add them to our line.

Here is how to order your Board of the Month:

1.You can choose your size on the drop down menu. One price for either size. Your order is now placed


This is a true one of a kind board. Using old school split deck technology we have added it to a contemporary shape designed by PMA.  The core is the super lightweight  M Core with a mesh deck.

Slick grips, single graphite stringer, and angles channels.

Colors: Black and white split deck with white rails on one side and black on the other*

Stats for this months board:

41"     21"           11.25"       17.3/8"

42"     21.3/8"     11.5/8"      17.75

Also, a free black and white leash through December 31st.

* Some boards may come with the black on the left and some with the black on the right.

$25.00 off on any order over $190

Use promo code CX5-1 and automatically receive $25.00 off the total order. Plus don't forget we give a free leash with every board purchase!!!

The new Xi now available online

New Fin Colors

  Black/Purple and Black/Orange have now been added to the line up of fins.