Pat Caldwell Signature Model Blue/White Deck

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I have spent the better part of four decades perfecting a bodyboard which anyone can enjoy in all types of surf. My goal from the 1980's until now is for you to have a board that is responsive, versatile, fast, and durable for a reasonable price. I believe you are holding that board right now in your hands. Hand crafted in the USA, built for waves worldwide…Enjoy!

-Pat Caldwell-


*Round template for maneuverability 

*Finger grips for a comfortable handle and stability.

*Single stringer for the right flex and durability. 

*Shallow crescent tail for comfort and maximum flotation.

*Thicker core, because no one weighs 140lbs forever.

*Nose and tail bumpers

*M Core for warmer ocean waters and PE core for colder or bumpy ocean waters.

*Split color deck

* Mesh deck on M Core model


All boards are blue and white decks. Blue and white rails.