About Us

Oceanside. home of Custom X.
Custom X has been in the bodyboarding industry for over 24 years.  Over the years we have offered some of the most innovative product on the market.  Having one of the best shaper/designers under our roof has helped us stay on the top of our game as far as designs, materials, templates, etc.  Our extensive professional team also is heavily involved on input about designs, etc.
Now producing our own leashes, we can offer more models to fit every style of bodyboarding. All of our accessories are designed in part by our team and input from bodyboarders all over the world. 
We live and breath bodyboarding and you will see it in our quality, designs, and customer service.  For customer service please contact us at jojo@customx.com   760-722-1585  
JoJo is here to help you through the process if needed.  You can talk to us direct!

We also use Shopify Secure to keep your ordering process safe.
You will be happy ordering from our online store, we are dedicated to making your experience painless and easy.
Custom X


CONTACT: jojo@customx.com or 760-722-1585