Special Orders and colors

Our online store allows you to designate what deck color you want but you can do more!!  Or leave blank and we will decide the color for you.

In the notes section of your order you can tell us what bottom color you want.  You can also let us know what rail color. 

RAIL COLORS: Colors available are the same as deck colors(See below)

As an example, just fill in the space like this:

Notes:  Bottom:Orange   Inner rail: Black   Outer rail(pin line): White

Here is an illustration on inner and outer rails:  

Deck Colors: Can be used on all core types.


Bottom colors as of  Jan 2020, Be sure and select a color from the type of core you are purchasing. PE, M Core, or Polypro.

 Polypro bottom colors  These colors are only for polypro boards

Material available is limited at the moment for Polypro boards from our vendors. We will be getting more colors in late October.

Available now:  Curacao Blue

 PE and M core bottom colors   These colors are only for PE or M Core
 White, Apple/Lime Green,  Orange, Purple.